Protect The Peel Watershed

If you are a Canadian, the campaign to protect the Peel Watershed is even closer to home and all you have to do is sign a letter.


“The Peel watershed is located in the Yukon Territory at the northern tip of the Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) conservation corridor. The watershed, including its five major tributaries, makes up the largest collection of wild mountain rivers in North America.

The 68,000 square kilometre watershed is home to species that are rare or threatened elsewhere, including grizzly bear, wolverine, pine marten, peregrine falcon, and mountain, boreal and barren-ground caribou. This is an ancient cultural landscape and an important fish and wildlife harvesting area for First Nations. The Peel watershed is an internationally renowned wilderness destination for paddlers. Its famous Three Rivers, the Wind, Snake and Bonnet-Plume, attract paddlers from all over the world.”

What Threatens the Peel

“Mining and oil and gas extraction threaten this priceless ecosystem. There are over 8,400 mining claims in the Peel. More than 6,700 were staked after the Peel land use planning process began in 2004.”

What You Can Do

“The Big Wild is reaching out across the country, asking Canadians to send word to Yukon leaders that the Peel Watershed matters to our entire nation. During the summer and fall of 2010, affected First Nations and the Yukon government will accept submissions from the public on how to manage this precious landscape. Sign our letter and help protect this magnificent wilderness. Click here to see the letter.”

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2 Responses to Protect The Peel Watershed

  1. Theo says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for sharing the Peel campaign with your community. Have you been there before?

    • Sean says:

      Not a problem and I hope the campaign to protect one of the last pristine places on Earth is successful. Updated the post with a video that should further convince people of the need to protect the watershed.

      I have not visited yet but have been plotting a visit to the great North for a while. The Peel Watershed is definitely on the list.

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