The Pulitzer Gateway: A Resource For Students And Teachers

The Pulitzer Center’s Global Gateway initiative engages the next generation on pressing systemic international issues. Pulitzer Center-funded reporting projects serve as the departure point for a multi-dimensional educational experience. Students become active participants in the exploration, dissemination, and discussion of critical issues.

The mission of Global Gateway is to provide students with fresh information on global issues, to help them think critically about the creation and dissemination of news, and to inspire them to become active consumers and producers of information.

The Global Gateway offers three platforms for engagement:
Over 100 Pulitzer-funded reporting projects covering under-reported crises around the world. These reports have been featured in traditional and new media outlets and include blog dispatches from journalists in the field. Over 80 short video documentaries are also available on Pulitzer Centers YouTube channel or via DVD.

[Updated Nov 13] Pulitzer Gateway:
Theme-based interactive portals that combine quality multi-media reporting with the opportunity for direct connections with reporters and with students in the subject countries; geographical context through dynamic maps, issue-driven dialogues, and tools for students to share their own stories and put them on the map for all to see. The Gateway is updated with fresh reporting, providing timely resources for cross-cultural in-depth exploration. See a video overview of the PulitzerGateway.

School Visits:
Participating schools can arrange for direct classroom visits by Pulitzer Center reporters. An ongoing relationship with the Center provides the opportunity for students to participate in essay contests, reporting assignments that connect the global to local, and multi-media trainings.

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