The 10 Biggest Hoaxes In Wikipedia's First 10 Years

Wikipedia will celebrated its 10th birthday on Saturday, with founder Jimmy Wales having built the site from nothing to one of the most influential destinations on the Internet. Wikipedia’s goal may be to compile the sum total of all human knowledge, but it’s also, perhaps, the best tool in existence for perpetuating Internet hoaxes. Let’s take a look at the 10 biggest hoaxes in Wikipedia’s history.

The Essjay controversy

This one’s so big it has its own Wikipedia page. In February 2007 a Wikipedia administrator who went by the name Essjay “was found to have made false claims about his academic qualifications and professional experiences on his Wikipedia user page and to journalist Stacy Schiff during an interview for The New Yorker, and to have exploited his supposed qualifications as leverage in internal disputes over Wikipedia content.” Essjay had been contributing to Wikipedia since 2005, claiming that he “teaches graduate theology, with doctorates in Theology and Canon Law.” He also gained a job with Wikipedia sister company Wikia. “Jimmy Wales proposed a credential verification system on Wikipedia following the Essjay controversy, but the proposal was rejected,” according to the Wikipedia article.

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