Don’t Track Us

Do you know who is watching you?

Did you know that your secrets are the Web’s gold mine?

The latest attempt to make people aware of privacy and security online is a search engine called (read Google/Bing/Yahoo free) DuckDuckGo that takes privacy seriously. They have even launched a website called Don’t Track Us that illustrates how privacy is violated by websites and search engines.

If you want to spare yourself the details, do the minimum and install the plugins mentioned on the aforementioned website to protect yourself better (the actual links can to found at the Don’t Track Us website):

I personally use the Firefox related plugins and endorse their efficacy. Also, I have tested this blog to ensure that you are not being tracked while reading this!

If you still want to use the Google search engine without your privacy being violated, consider Scroogle. There is even a browser plugin for Firefox and IE, with instructions for Opera and Chrome below:

Opera —  Tools > Preferences > Search > Add. Pick a new keyword ( “x“? ) and for the “Address”
use Now x search terms should launch a search
Chrome —  wrench > Options > Default search Manage > Add. Paste the URL shown for Opera,
or better yet, use (Chrome phones home a lot)

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