Quiet Party

In a city of sensory overload, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Take noisy bars, for instance. Most people go to bars to meet prospective dates or socialize with friends. If you can hardly hear yourself speak, what’s the point? Take away the loud music, the TVs and screaming drunks and you are left with a group of people carrying on conversations without spitting in someone’s ear. Now take away the cell phones and the loud talking and you have the concept of Quiet Party (www.quietparty.com), an event started by two artistic guys, Paul Rebhan and Tony Noe, who were sick of all the damn noise and wanted to create a space where yelling was not allowed and even an area where talking was prohibited. Guests are provided with paper and pens and as the creators say, “Once this playful foundation mixes with a little alcohol, inhibitions disappear and notes begin to fly.”

The Quiet Party I attended was upstairs at Madame X, a sensual West Village bar that has a 1920s bordello feel, with plush red velvet antique loveseats, red-fringed lamps and black and white photos of nude women drawing attention to the walls. I bought a drink and within seconds, someone handed me a card. It said, Hello, is this your first time at Quiet Party? I replied and soon cards were coming at me from all directions.

More at New York Press

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