This is the online home for the radio show Web I/O that is broadcast by CINQFM on the 102.3 FM dial and 88.3 on cable. We can be heard every Saturday from 2:30pm to 3:00pm, hosted by Sean Crasto and technical production done by Zana Corbett.
This website serves to publish online what is discussed on-air and provides other resources to learn more about topics discussed. You can also obtain podcasts, suggest topics for future shows, contact us and post comments too.

This was originally the accompanying website for the radio show Web I/O that was broadcast by CINQFM on 102.3 FM and 88.3 on cable. You can still browse the archives of this site to see the topics covered on those shows.

Web I/O evolved into The Digital Life Show (TDLS) and was co-hosted by Moz Taylor and myself for a while before we moved on to other projects. It is currently being hosted by Reisa Levine of CitizenShift fame and can be heard every Saturday from 2:30pm to 3:00pm. I also had a spot on Arts Notebook, another show at CINQFM, with a weekly five minute review of art related websites. You will see the websites covered on the home page of this site, under Arts Notebook.

So, I had a year long hosting plan and this domain name going to waste, especially with TDLS having its own website. As a result, it was decided to turn Web I/O into an eclectic mix of things that I serendipitously came across on the Web, that I felt my family and friends might like. It is commercial free and published under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

A little about myself: A self confessed geek with a career at an unnamed Telecommunications company who quit his job to practise Permaculture. I spend a considerable amount of time with Software and Computers and all that makes techies techies! This is countered with a passion for nature, a concern for the environment and a certain sense of adventure.

My only claims to fame are:

1. Being an uncle to my bright and beautiful niece and nephew. As a side note, their mother (and my sister) blogs at Merry Medley.

2. Being the only person in my family to have visited the Amazon rainforest, among a few other environmentally significant locations.

3. Designing the website for CINQFM.

4. Abandoning my career to pursue Permaculture.

Hope you like this website and feel free to drop me a line with suggestions, content or concerns about something previously posted.