Welcome to the sustainability pages at Web I/O. The goal of this project is to create a knowledge hub for anyone who is interested in trying to live a more environmentally conscious and sustainable life by exploring, experimenting, participating and collaborating together.

This site is also meant to capture a recently started journey into the world of Permaculture, the core of complete self sustainability. The point is to not replicate the extensive amount of information that is to be found relating to Permaculture and sustainability. On the contrary, this site is meant to cut a swath through the often overwhelming, overlapping, meandering and redundant information that is to be found online and in print.

What has been found to be sorely missing is a chronicle of someone who has started out with absolutely no background in gardening/horticulture/agriculture, attempting to become self sustaining, as is my case. No lofty promises are made and no guarantees are given as to the outcome of this journey but as the Chinese saying goes: “The journey is the reward”.

My hope is that this site will serve as living documentation of the education/miseducation that will occur over time and provide a starting point for others interested in or just curious about sustainability.

Given that this journey is being undertaken in Canada, most information will relate to the temperate zone in general and Ontario, Canada in particular.



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