Online Resources


1. Farm Start(external link)
The objective of FarmStart is to support and encourage a new generation of farmers to develop locally based, ecologically sound and economically viable agricultural enterprises.

2. C.R.A.F.T Ontario(external link) (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training in Ontario)
CRAFT Ontario is your gateway to a farming internship experience that will change your life. Maybe your dream is to have your own organic farm one day. Or maybe you want to learn some food-growing and hands-on skills that can be applied in other careers and lifestyles. Whatever your long term goals are, a farming internship is a powerful experience that will equip you with the tools and insights to make a real difference in the world. You’ll never be the same again!

3. WWOOF(World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) Canada(external link)
Vacationing and volunteering on Organic Farms is a wonderful way to broaden your education and practical experience. You’ll learn about organic growing and producing and other sustainable living practices, meet people and it is also a great way to travel around Canada inexpensively.

4. Portal:Sustainable development from Wikipedia(external link)

5. Builders Without Borders(external link)
An international network of ecological builders who advocate the use of straw, earth and other local, affordable materials in construction. We believe that the solution to homelessness is not merely housing, but individuals and communities trained to house themselves.

6. Passive Buildings Canada(external link)
Passive Buildings Canada is a federally incorporated non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the Passive House (Passivhaus) low-energy standard for all types of buildings.

We encourage the design, construction, renovation and verification of buildings to the Passive House Standard in Canada to achieve environmentally neutral buildings of all types—not just homes, but hotels, office buildings, schools and more.

7. Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition (OSBBC)(external link)
The Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition (OSBBC) was formed to serve several purposes:

  • To provide information for people with an interest in building and/or owning a straw bale home. These services include general information, facilitating training courses, and providing testing data for building designers and building inspectors.
  • To initiate and support efforts to further the base of knowledge about straw bale building, including studies and tests leading to the building code acceptance of straw bale building techniques.
  • To foster a community of builders and owners involved in straw bale building to promote the exchange of ideas, resources, and social opportunities.

8. Solar Energy International(external link)
Solar Energy International was founded in 1991 as a non-profit educational

Through the years, we’ve seen trends and technologies come and go, but our mission remains the same today as it was when we began: to empower people around the world through the education of sustainable practices.

9. Green Saver(external link)
An Ontario non-profit dedicated to environmental energy efficiency. We offer the following services:

  • Energy Assessments
  • Responsible Renovations (such as insulation, draftproofing and solar hot water)
  • Energy Conservation Programs


1. Permaculture Activist(external link): North American permaculture periodical

2. The Last Straw(external link): the international journal of strawbale and natural building

3. Mother Earth News(external link) : the original guide to living wisely


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